Expert Trimming

We remove unsightly and dangerous branches, dead wood and mistletoe, or shape and balance your trees to bring out their hidden beauty. We can also develop or restore that view that has become overgrown. Our approach to ornamental trimming is to transform your trees into works of art.

Tree Removal

Unfortunately, tree removal is sometimes necessary if the tree is dead or has become a hazard. Tree Pro has the equipment and skilled professionals to safely remove even the most difficult trees. Let a certified arborist from Tree Pro come and evaluate the safety of your trees, free of charge.

Brush Chipping

We can reduce that fallen tree or old pile of brush to mulch for use in your garden, or we can chip your limbs and wood debris into a dump truck and haul them away.

Stump Grinding

Remove those unsightly stumps from around your property using state-of-the-art equipment. Stump grinding can remove tree and shrub stumps and effectively keep them from growing back.

Tree Evaluation/Assessment

Have a Certified Arborist inspect and evaluate your trees for health and safety. If necessary, we can recommend a preventive maintenance plan for your trees and property.

Land Clearing

Tree Pro removes trees, brush and vegetation, including poison oak and blackberries, to reclaim your property or help prepare your land for construction. We help you select the best trees for preservation while safely removing the others.

Fire Protection & Defensible Space

Local Fire Departments and other fire protection agencies recommend or require that you create a defensible space around your property by either trimming or removing trees and vegetation from the immediate areas around your house and property. This space is essential to protect your property in the event of a fire. Check with your local fire agency for their specific requirements. Call Tree Pro for a free estimate to remove trees and brush, and protect your property.

Emergency Service | Storm Damage

Storms can cause limbs or entire trees to fall, potentially damaging property by landing on homes or other trees. These trees can be very dangerous to remove. We have the equipment and expertise available, including large cranes, to safely remove these trees from your home or property.

Commercial, Residential, and Municipal Service

Tree Pro has extensive experience working on commercial, residential, and municipal projects. We are able to scale down for smaller residential jobs or scale up for large commercial or municipal projects. All situations are treated with the same urgency and care. Tree Pro frequently contracts with local, state and federal government agencies.